"let's get to know each other first before meeting"


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some c*nt just told me that

are you fuсking kidding me?

some 4/10 aging c*nt wants to chat-test me before meeting

yeah, you can know someone through chat

what am I supposed to do?

write her poems

the only poem that she gets will be my..fd.f.sdfasdfasdf


chad: "let's meet"

c*nt: "i'm already in the taxi where to tell the curry to drive."


if something is going to happen it won't be with so much GOD damn resistance ffws


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Usually foids do not even want to get to know me once they see how short and ugly I am. Usually I get along with them, I am quite funny and positive, but once I send them a picture of me, instant block.


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meanwhile she'd fuck a chad she just met in the toilets of a club.
Chad doesn't need to KNOW her and she doesn't need to know chad. But you know, as subhumans always say.."you are not confident enough, how about taking a shower and getting a haircut incel !"


Chad only buddy boyo it's over


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Femoid mentality when meeting Chad:
Fuck first, get to know him after (if he lets her)

Femoid mentality when meeting non-chad:
See if he has money to extract, friendzone him, make him emotional tampon, maybe fck him years down the line when old and need a backup for marriage.