Let me tell you something about fascism, it's not what it's made out to be


"The only thing I could do was even the score."
Fascism is not synonymous with oppression or hate. That's leftist narrative. I say this bc some people is like "leftists are the true fascists", and they're not.

Fascism is an ideology that is about truly acting in the interest of the people, first and foremost. It is against democracy because fascism involves the notion that democracy weakens a country, by virtue of spending its strength internally and sabotaging long term plans by changing government every few years, and that public opinion, as well as the options among which people can vote, are controlled by the media and big companies, and therefore it's not the real will of the people anyway.

Idk much about italian history tbh, but in both Germany (Hіter) and Spain (Franco), I know fascist leaders stepped in when both countries were in really shitty situations, and took the people out of their misery.

Economically, fascism is kinda what the left tries to be, but done right. It's about promoting private property and companies so that the country can be successful, while strongly protecting the working class by providing public healthcare, schools, housing, welfare... Fascist countries are historically wildly successful at this, so much so that modern status quo has a very hard time censoring this (I'll elaborate on this later).

Ideologically, fascism tends to create governments that are very tough on criminals, and also on dissenters. This is kinda shocking bc democracy is currently considered to be sacred, but it's bc of it's stance on democracy that I mentioned above, and to try to create an efficient country that doesn't waste it's strength on internal struggles.

Hіter put leftists in concentration camps, and Franco had them killed. And let me tell you, I 100% agree with this. It's the only language leftists understand. When left unchecked, leftists can be not only "dumb" in a funny way, as they're portrayed in memes, but also incredibly cruel. Before Franco came to power, they were literally burning hundreds of thousands of people alive, mainly priests and nuns, which is why nazі Germany and fascist Italy massively helped Franco in the civil war to stop it. I think this is also becoming self evident in America these days with BLM. I mean BLM is not some joke, they're legit burning people's houses and businesses and killing people.

So yeah, that's what fascism truly is. It's about a different perspective on our so called "democracy", about prosperity and about dealing with leftists as they truly deserve.

You can also tell something's wrong with what we're told nowadays about fascism, when in Spain (where I'm from), a lot of old people says quality of life was better with Franco, despite the trade embargo by western countries & having come out of a civil war. People try to brush it off as "ofc they think life was better, they were younger" but really you can tell they're onto something. People talks about this openly because Spain isn't like Germany, here it's not illegal to praise Franco or anything.

Also in Germany, when they had to accuse Hіter of killing 6 million, and come up with a whole alternate history where he wanted war, jews because nothing he actually did would warrant demonizing him like this, and it's illegal to provide arguments or ask questions about that supposed holocaust, or say something positive about nazism at all, even though they also can't hide the fact that it massively improved people's living conditions incredibly fast, you can tell something's wrong with the official version of history tbh.
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