Lead on by two Stacys for their amusement


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lordoftheincels said:
Normans can read, they just are bad at logic and reading comprehension. They are normans and have no incentive to learn, who care's about logic when there's football, wings, and poontang.
Also "yikes sweaty found the inkel take a shower bro". Shower police. Lurking incel forums with personality detectors since 2017.


reg509 said:
Naturally, they were also cheerleaders for the schools football team. They gossiped about me to all the other Stacys and even a few football playing Chads. I became more of an outcast than I already was. Before, I was the quiet kid that no one talked to, now I was a pariah whose presence warranted scorn and ridicule. Any chance I may have had with any other girls in that school was demolished. I was pushed to the bottom of the social barrel. I remained in that position for the rest of my years of public schooling.
The dirtiest type of women. Women who become cheerleaders and peak in high school. I'm glad to know that dirty c*nts like them will most likely end up as single mothers, trying to swallow every last bit of semen they get from any chad's cock. It so unfortunate that so many of us are manipulated and ridiculed by Stacy's. I find comfort in the fact that their life will eventually hit rock bottom from their cheerleading days.