I am who I am and I can be no other
I decided that LDARing is my best option. So for the past two weeks I've just been here in bed looking at pictures of my oneitis and old crushes (who have ghosted me) online. There is an exception to my LDAR decision though...I still go to the gym every night. But other then that I just sit here in bed like a decrepit old cunt in a retirement home. I've been coping with gym, video games, music, and alcohol. I purposely try to look at chads having fun with stacies online to make myself feel even worse. At this point I just wanna destroy myself. The second I do go out to the store or whatever I am brutally mogged by almost everyone I see. So it's best for to continue rotting here. One thing that's kinda sad is that my dad and mom keep saying, "oh when you have your kids blablabla..." And "you'll understand when you have your kids one day..." And "what? You don't like {insert certain food}? Well one day your girlfriend is going to make you eat it and I guarantee you that you'll eat it!"

OH and this ones the absolute most brutal. My mom likes to say,

"son, I'm glad you have a good head on your shoulder and you aren't hooking up with girls and getting them pregnant like {insert the names of many different cousins or mom's friends' sons}. You have no girlfriend, kids, or anything, so you can focus on your own career. You're smart in doing that"



EteRnal Evil.
"You're smart that you weren't born a Chad and can maybe become a beta bux for a postwall whale instead." High IQ mom.