Laughable female attitudes.


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I was reading more Quora shit about narcissism.

"A Narcissist is only capable of seeing perfection and seeing themselves as the center of that perfection and their own self love. Anyone who is not on board, is outed, dismissed, or fired. They are no longer part of their perfect ideal which is their disorder."

Describes most of the women who rejected me in a nutshell. But its always le toxic inkels who get called narcissists.
Spoiler alert, Eliot Rodgers was a total narcissist, but not really even a real incel so doesn't count.

Had some lulz on facebook today, looked back at this old post-wall cunt who rejected me and was literally trying to change my personality to cater to her religious views. The final straw of why she blocked me on facebook was because she kept ignoring my texts and messages. Instead of talking to me, she spammed selfies all day and I got tired of her ignoring me, so I lost my temper at her.

Then she plays the victim and claims I'm the toxic one, and how dare I get mad at her ignoring me all day while she spams slutty selfies all day.

She has like 100 beta orbiters yet it still "femcel" and single, no man is good enough for her narcissistic ass. Many of these men are macho biker thugz but she whines all day about men not being masculine enough for her. She posted disgusting pics of her sexual fantasies, her fantasies was making out with disgusting, hypermasculine ogre tier brutes that look subhuman, cro-magnon, savage and deformed. Complete demonic insanity.


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They claim John Lennon is a narcissist for valuing Asian beauty and not believing in their Judeo-christian delusions.

"John Lennon was a genuine Narcissist. Raise your hand if you saw Yoko Ono as stunningly beautiful. Frankly, she scared the hell out of me. Yet John loved her madly just as much as he loved himself. Don’t believe me? Read the lyrics to his song “God”."

Just lol. Only today can people with seriousness believe narcissism is more prevalent in men than women. Total inversion. Only in this day and age can you be called a narcissist for loving a woman.