Last night.


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So last night I decided to try the impossible.
To get laid consensually with a woman.

My parents left me home alone to go to a friends wedding, so I invited some mates over after I finished my shift at the new job I've got.

Joked around, watched anime, loads of fun but then they all had to leave which left me alone (besides the cat) in the house round 8 or so.

Then an idea hit me, why not go out to the clubs in town and pick up a girl.

After all with no disrespect my friends were busy meaning that I wouldn't have to keep an eye on them if they got too drunk or into shit along with increasing the chances of me getting someone.

First few hours, nothing interesting.
Just starting slowly with a few drinks in this bar chatting with the everyday regulars there asking about the drinks they recommend along with the best times to chill at some of the big places at town such as the 80s lounge across the road.

Then I get bored and decide to take a little walk till it reached 10pm or so before jumping into two girls looking for the bar known as Rain which is a popular LGBTQ place I've bumped into one time when I went drinking with my mates quite late.

I act polite and simply walk them towards there before they start buying me a drink.

I'll admit I was puzzled but I thought they might be bisexual like myself (more into women then guys and go through phases of interest personally) so I accepted and danced for a while with whisky in hand whilst chatting to my new acquaintances.

sadly, they were not into me and one had a soon to be husband whilst the other was lesbian.
I was disappointed but I just enjoyed the music for a bit before going up to a group of mostly girls and one guy within the bar and chatted with them.
strangely, they were all straight except one girl but all had partners or kids which put me off.
When the guy left, I asked separately if any of them liked me.
not their type, not older or rich

12am, finally head over to the 80s lounge with one of the lesbians I met earlier who was a friendly extremely masculine looking/talking tomboy.
didn't have enough to get in(prices changed since last time I went to town) so she payed for us both and went in to see her sisters and ex gf.

I scope out the area and feel like I've hit the jackpot.
There are girls grinding their asses on guys and twerking, another giving one a lap dance which was hot(the girl duh)

so I go round and ask if any want to get naughty with me as they were doing things with different guys.

one literally was wearing barely a bra which exposed her tits and was wearing leather pants.

Most refused and went to go grab a drink at this overcrowded little bar overflowing with glasses and beer, others just ignored or walked away.

After that, I went upstairs and tried my luck there.
they were all slutty as and were getting down to the music, when the music died down a little and they were acting less active, I went over to various girls and asked a few questions.

1: you like men?( To make sure they weren't lesbian or came from the LGBTQ place)
2: wanna drink? ( common decency as a gentleman and best way to start anything in a place like this)
3: Hey, I think your hot, wanna get low and have fun perhaps? (Letting them know my feelings and intention plus asking for consent/checking if they already have someone)

long shit short.
These hoes didn't want no drink (saving me money which is a plus) but they either laughed at me, called me little boy (despite me being a year older than some of them. I'm 19) ignored me and fucked off or just looked at me like I'm an alien or telling me to fuck off before dancing like strippers or prostitutes and twerking, rubbing their tits on the dance floor again.

I enjoyed some parts of that night but am really pissed off.
before I went to town, I showered, shaved, put on aftershave scents, made sure I looked well groomed as my Dad taught me, put on some jeans along with a t-shirt and took an extra piece of clothing if it got colder(red cotton shirt which I wrapped round my waist)

so confused, so pissed off, so tired of this crap.
I do like guys but not all the time and barely in a sexual manner whereas women are so fucking hot to me and I feel hurt that I got no where.
I even offered drinks out of my money!!
least I had an awesome time earlier with my friends watching anime and catching up.
What do you all think?


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Might just be because you are young. A 19-year-old boy is very rarely gonna be a catch with women. Even if they were your age, they are looking for 22-24-year-old guys, I'm sure you have noticed women always pick boyfriends/ husbands at least a few years older. Which would make your age- match 16-year-olds, who are too young to pursue until you are both older.