Lady’s will brutally give you a black pill experience


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Lady’s will lie when they’re talking to a guy if they notice that the guy likes her and she does not like him back.

lady’s lie to guys out of a desire to get them to stop socialising with them. The more you find out about the truth the more brutal the blackpill experience will feel.

for example lady’s lie to guys they don’t like when the guy asks the lady’s questions such as what she has and what she’s interested in the basic desire for a lady to lie to a guy she does not like is the true nature of not wanting to honestly share content about her self with a guy sometimes it’s so easy to spot the lies they will even use dumb lies to steer to clear of guys they don’t like.

if your a chad and you ask a lady questions they don’t lie because lady’s will honestly share content about themselves to guys that they actually like.

Lady’s can notice I have Asperger’s syndrome so a big struggle of people not talking to me the same way they’d talk to anyone else because of a noticeable mental disorder is commonly found in ladys not talking to me the same way they would talk to anyone else I know not all ladys are like this to me however it’s a common problem when going to nightclubs I just get ignored at nightclubs it’s so dehumanising how ignoring and lieing to men is justified it just goes to show how easy it is to enable double standards for ladys because they know that people can be bias to a lady if their seen as in a fragile state all for the sake of keeping them safe.

sometimes you’ll notice a lady saying I’m not interested the times you’ll have that gut feeling she’s useing a dumb lie to get you to loose interest are the times you’ll experience a black pill experience