knajjd, serge and master are profiting on the suffering of ugly males


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No wonder Knajjd never accepted my discord friend request. Because this whole time I thought it’s a he, when in actuality, it’s a woman. I guess it was no different then the countless amounts of rejections I’ve gotten from foids in the past.
A female moderator on an incel forum....



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Tbh no one is "our" friend. Its just an other place where people cope. And despite co is an fbi infested zoo for mods and normies at the end its just about having a great cope. But suddently people start to ban every fuсking incel for anything i mean the best incelposters are the ones who are banned.

The virgin incelposter vs the chad banned incel

Virgin adapts mods opinion is also a sheep in reallife
Virgin thinks people on the internet agree with him makes them "friends"
Virgin constantly worrying about getting banned
Virgin still ends up banned but only temp
Virgin also post on reddit because he isnt to "extrem" for it
Virgin fears federal goverment still visits incelboards and looks at videos of mass shooters

Chad was banned on reddit the momment he joined
Chad doesnt fears the goverment "what you gonna do asshole ive nothing to lose anyway"
Chad always outstanding opinion didnt get influenced by media not even the incel comunity
Chad doesnt cares to make friends has no need for validation due to high self esteem
Chad never worries about getting banned "eat my ѕhit mods, sucking dicks is not gay i dont care what you think"
Chad amazing fingermuscles from shitposting


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OysterSauce said:
Apathycel said:
What do I need to add to the url? I want to wank off to Knajjd’s feminine voice.
lookism dot net
Fuck, I want to rub the tip of my cock across her lips. I ain’t gonna lie though, Knajjd makes a pretty convincing femboy. I wish I could fuck a tomboy like Knajjd. Never even began...