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I have heard what you incels believe but I feel the need to say something to you.
You complain that women reject you, but do you know how many men lives have been ruined by women?
Women just use their men, they take all that their men have, exploit them and have no respect for them.
Many men who have married women regret it.
Women want you to provide for them and to put yourself at risk to protect them and have no respect for you except for the fact that you are their husband/partner.
If they accord you some respect it is not respect to you as an actual person but respect to you only since you are their partner, and they want their partner to make them look good.
Women are only users.

You talk bad and say bad things about women yourselves and then you complain because women don't want to be with you?
Sorry guys but it sounds crazy to me.
You should be glad that you don't have such a burden, because women are only a burden and cannot give you anything good, they only take, taking and using is all they are able to do.
Try to look around you and see how people are.
You will see how many men have been exploited, abused and ruined by women.
You really think it is wise to complain because you haven't a chance to be mistreated like that?
You should just focus on your own well being and forget about women because they don't bring anything good.

I'm sorry guys maybe there will be somebody who don't like to read that, but please just think about it.
You have no woman, so women are not ruining your life, actually they are busy ruining somebody else's life. Don't ruin your own life obsessing over them. They are not worth it.


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I will leave this post here for someone who cares to explain how retarded this post is.