Just shave it bro and hit the gym


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Balding? Just shave it bro. It will look much cleaner and more alpha. Also hit the gym get tattoos and grow a beard to look like a badass. Just rock the bald look.

Small dick? Just castrate yourself it will look much cleaner. Take things in your own hands and cut your dick and balls off. And make sure to grow your pubes out it will look so muck cleaner and alpha. Girls love eunuchs.

Bad sallary? Just burn it bro. Girls love broke men. Just throw your money away and take things in your own hands.

Cancer? Just shave it off. Just shave away the stage 3 cancer and call it a day, so much more alpha badass and manly.

No girlfriend? Just go your own way. Just ged rid of sexuality bro. But make sure to make your whole life about how less you care about women so that everyone beleves it.


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Isn't there a penis enlargement operation? At least u can do that if u have a 2incher

King Abazo

There's nothing worse than having Axel as teacher
if you are an incel there is a big probability you can't make any huge gains at the gym. It's reserved for alpha males.
Depends on what gym. But one thing for sure is only the strongest makes the rules, only the strong are free.


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I thought about getting into weight training and trying to add 10lbs of muscle to my upperbody. I think it would improve my appearance a bit. Braces and a nose job would also help. I'm not sure where I max out. Maybe a 4.