''Just go back to your home country and slay bro''


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I have seen white incels give this advice to ethnics living in the west, I understand the reasoning behind this statement as most ethnic men are seen as being subhuman in white societies and even our own ethnic women in the west want nothing to do with us as they are too busy trying to chase after white chads.

If it was that easy then I am sure many ethnics in the west would have taken that route, and packed their stuff up and left to whatever third world shithole country that their parents came from.

However, I will give the list of reasons as to why this statement is virtually impossible for most ethnic incels living in the west.

1) Many of us were born here in the west, and have become accustomed to life here meaning that we don't even speak our own parent's language, or even understand the culture over there.
2) The standard of living in most third world shitholes is absolutely terrible, I am not leaving my work, career, and standard of living in the west just so I can get a taste of some third world ethnic pusѕy.
3) Third world countries are becoming more and more westernized, and feminized meaning that women even in third world countries have higher standards than your average foid in the west
4) An ethnic living in the west, and going back to his ''home country'' is fuсking retаrded as he won't stand out from the crowd(looks-wise), and location theory only really works if you're white, hence why most white incels from the west slay in places like Thailand and China.
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