Just fuck this society.


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Like the topic title says, just fuck this society. Autistic men are supposedly the sociopaths and evil yet normies that set fire to animals for fun and shit supposedly aren’t.

I swear, just sod this society.

I keep saying normal fags basically say ‘Autism=Sociopath trait’ so this is what inspired me to make this post.
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Society/Staceys indeed have a hatred of autistic people. Society needs to understand that giving someone special help isn't the only answer. People with autism wish to be integrated into society and treated like a normal person, not as a ''disabled'' special person. Many people with autism are smart and very capable.

We need more people with autism in governmental positions and more authoritive positions. They bring to the table new kinds of perspectives and experiences. We need more diversity in our society.

1. White priviledge - I know my skin colour gives me priviledge in social situations.
2. Beauty priviledge - People with beauty priviledge benefit in many ways
3. I.Q priviledge - Why should people with lower I.Qs not be helped more? People with lower I.Qs earn significantly less and have a worse experience of life.
4. Male priviledge - Men still seen as more competent and earn more / women earn less. We need more equality of the sexes to make men and women the same.
5. Female priviledge - Women have social priviledge in situations. More likely to be helped/more governmental schemes etc

Let me tell you this - its the people listed ABOVE who are directly benefitting from this in society which stops the liberation of others...............

As incels/autists ; we are part of the same fight in bringing more equality into the world.
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