Just be a Bully theory

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Life is a scam
The Answer is that most foids have Stockholm syndrome.
Critical detail you left out: if it was any of us, she wouldn't have developed it unless we managed to keep her chained under our beds and on-and-off starved them until they saw us as their protectors or something (I hear that kind of ѕhit happens with hostages). She'd have called the police on us for bullying her and gotten her cuck husband on us. She got wet because a big strong guy with a robust skull was bullying her.


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Women really do love being treated like ѕhit, they gravitate towards thugs and scum that abuse them, its not just looks either, if two men were equally good looking foids would choose the more thuggish one who beat her, over the romantic one. That is another reason we incels are hated, despite hating foids if we got one ourselves we would treat them nicely and with respect, women hate that.


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We are one inch closer to Incelistan Boyos.

Why would she fuck a guy who bullied her so severely? Could it be, perhaps, that foids love chads who beat and humiliate them?
The Answer is that most foids have Stockholm syndrome.

The cherry on top is that they're both supposed to be Christian, a term that of course has lost its meaning in this world.
Fuck this shitty idiotic world.