[JFL] My dad has basically been objectified as just a bag of money


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I hear my mom on the phone talking about how it would be time to put my dad in a nursing home, except that if we did that, we wouldn't get his $2,000/month in disability income anymore, which would destabilize our family's finances.

She doesn't even talk about how maybe he'd prefer to not be in a nursing home anyway. He did fall down the other day, and we had to help him get up, but that hardly ever happens; I think she just doesn't like having him around. It's not like he craps on himself and we have to clean him up or anything like that (okay, that happens occasionally, but I think it's been like a year since the last incident of that kind).

Anyway, this is how it is with a lot of old people -- they have family that would love to put them in a home, but they can't afford to lose those disabilitybuxx and whatnot, so they grudgingly take care of them in the home, but take away all their non-essential amenities (e.g. my dad doesn't even have a TV or a computer anymore, so he just sleeps all day, possibly due to his medications).


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That's what I was surprised about with my mom. She made sure that she listened to my dad's decision, disability money be damned. But I know that's exceedingly rare