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If you are born male everything you do has to be scripted in terms of seduction... nothing is spontaneous because female arousal is not spontaneous, everything has to be delicately and carefully scripted or else she will turn fickle and upset, which causes stress.

I thought about this and imagined a scenario where I seduced a woman, like James Bond. Everything was going smoothly, until it was time for the kiss. In my mind I suddenly froze up, all the years of being mistreated and neglected by women suddenly made me feel contempt and the inability to feel love for the person standing in front of me. How could I love a creature who's kind has always oppressed and mistreated me for years and years?

If you are an SJW reading this right now, you might say in indignation "How have women oppressed you? Noone owes you anything." But I will explain how they oppressed me. By always getting the attention and never giving me any. By always getting love and never giving me any, yet having the audacity to go around in LOVE T-Shirts.
So you might say...noone owes me anything, denying services is not oppression...

But you same SJWs would say it's oppression to not offer blacks the same services as whites.... So according to the SJW book it is oppression. According to SJWs it is oppression to not let a black individual enter an IVY league school, so so isn't a woman denying an individual love.

And isn't it oppression to be subliminally treated as if you are worthless, not worthy of love, subliminally told the message you are ugly and unattractive and undesirable to fuck... Because all incels are told that message subliminally every day, that they are undesirable to fuck, they are told that day in and day out, how do you think that affects their psyche...

So how is it that an incel will get laid even if they are James Bond, fancy car and high class lifestyle, because when he goes to the kiss, he feels love. How could someone who's been neglected and rejected for over a decade, ever be able to feel love anymore. How could an incel enjoy going to a baby shower, celebrating a new-born baby who has a good chance of suffering and being incel in this world, because as feminism grows the amount of incel increases, so imagine what its going to be like in 15 years if things don't change... A baby who is the product of love they were always denied, how could an incel get happy about that, a baby most likely born to a chad or jeff... Why would an incel ever be happy at any social events, let alone a wedding or baby shower...

By the way I made up a new term, called a "Jeff", because, if Chad's were the only guys who get laid there would be a complete rebellion, obvious there are other guys who get laid besides Chad's, I call them jeff's, a jeff refers to a middle class man who is a socialite... Personally, I think I could make it out of incel if I escaped out of poverty, its just really hard to be motivated to succeed when your whole life you've been denied hope, still though it sucks being incel and it also sux the inherent idea that the only thing that makes people attracted to you is how much money you have...its appalling and dehumanizng. Basically, the difference between jeffs and chads is because if a jeff was poor and low status he would be incel, chads can never be incel, the difference between truecels and incels are truecels cannot get laid even if they have a nice house and car, however I don't think anyone who is a millionaire can be incel, if worst come to worse they could move to another country because foreign chicks are more loving. Eliot Rodgers was upper middle class and incel, its true, however he never made a move on a woman and wanted them to come to him, he's not a godo example of the average incel, still it sucks that if you're born male you are viewed as inherently worthless and undeserable


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Hey man, if you need a female friend I will happily talk to you (like by email or something, I dont have social media accounts anymore.) I am sure Im much older than you and have a very different life, but one of my best friends is a 25 year old guy from Indiana and Im a woman from brooklyn. Genuine offer to chat. Really.