I've been over 4 months of Nofap , let me tell you what it's done for attraction


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Nofap is mainly pushed by reddit soyboys so I believe you, it is complete nonsense, it probably increases your testosterone the more you fap and think about sex.


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No fap was crucial to me at the time I was fapping twice a day, everyday.
I never thought about it making me look attractive but I was concerned about my health.


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I'll wrap up my evening, before going to bed, with a session of masturbation while watching cam wh*res sticking toys inside their stinky holes. I mean why not. I have nothing to lose. I've never bought into the belief that abstinence from Pοrn will magically make me more attractive or energetic. That's a Redpill cope.


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Nope, nofap is a nonsense. Not masturbating will only make you more horny and is a pretty stupid idea in general. Now if you excuse me.... i'm gonna watch some Pοrn videos.

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its over for many men
I doesn't do anything for
Attraction but don't you think it makes you feel stronger, when I went 2 weeks no fap I was horny af but could work out way more and just felt ready to throw down whenever, I was doing it so I could guarantee an erection when I went to see this escort