Its so frustrating to see how everything that i used to like is being canceled/censored/ruined/destroyed


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80 years ago, the nazis were the fascists who used to cancel/censor/ruin/destroy everything(the books, the movies, etc.).

But now, the feminists, the (((jews))), the black lives matter, the lgbt and the social justice warrriors are the fascists who cancel/censor/ruin/destroy everything(fictional characters, cartoons, movies, etc.).

When i was younger, the fictional character pepe le pew made me laugh a lot when i was younger, but now it was canceled


The first videogame of "the last of us" was a great videogame. But the second one is nothing more than anti-male agenda and anti-heterosexual agenda.


I used to enjoy the fanservice in the comics and in the videogames, but now is being canceled because of the fault of the feminists and the social justice warriors


I used to enjoy the first 6 star wars movies and the old videogames. But now star wars is nothing more than anti-white race agenda and anti-male agenda.


I used to enjoy the cartoons of good quality of nickelodeon and cartoon network in the 90s and early 2000s, but now their cartoons are nothing more than anti-heterosexual agenda


I used to enjoy some episodes of the old he-man, but now he-man is nothing more than anti-male agenda


There are rumors that there will be a "remake" of the silver hawks of 1986. But i suspect it will happen the same shit again: more anti-male agenda, more anti-heterosexual agenda and more anti-white race agenda...and as expected, zero quality in the cartoon.
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Every movie and TV show today is filled with this leftist garbage.

It's amazing how fast degeneracy has taken hold over the west.
It's also sad how pathetic most Christians are in the west -- they're are suppose to be against all of this degenerate bullshit, but they are mostly silent.
Christians need to go back into Crusader mode and deal with this degeneracy the old fashioned way.


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Cartoons made in japan(animes), comics made in japan(mangas) and videogames made in japan(like the resident evil ones or the castlevania ones) are the only good entertainment now: they still have fanservice, good stories and good quality.