"It's not a big deal, I've dated guys who..."


EteRnal Evil.
This "[your subhuman feature] is not big deal, I've dated guys who had it..." "point" roasties like to make is one of the few that's legit infuriating to me. How is ot supposed to make sense? What the fuck does that even mean?

Does it mean this flaw will somehow disappear or maybe I should ignore it because some user online claimed they were a female and a whore who dated all types of guys, but certainly wasn't riding the cock carousel at all, for they are not like the other girls? Or I have to look past the fact that they provide no information what this "dating" actually was, aasuming the claim's legitimacy, and what were other features of the guy?

This phrase is fucking quintessence of holes' attitude to sub-Chad and people in general: "your problems are not problems, I whore around and brag about it, I'm kind and compassionate decent human bean who lifts your spirits and encourages you to further wageslave for Chad's spawn I'll soon shit out, look at how good I am and love me". Disgusting.