It's absolutely over for men in the 21st century.


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Just take a look at prince Harry from the UK. The best he could get was an ugly divorcee in her late 30s. He's so rich that he has never had a proper job in his life besides larping as a soldier in the military. But even with all those advantages, he was unable to get a young beautiful woman. He couldn't even get a girl in her 20s. We've never stood a chance. By the way, look up Harry's ex-girlfriends, they all look like ѕhit.


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He could've lol...but I get you. I think he was so cucked and bluepilled that he wanted to be seen as 'progressive' but still 'traditional' so he didn't do a Leo DiCaprio in favor of a 'stable' family....I hope he doesn't rope when he gets Blackpilled