It is now a federal crime to talk to women


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This is why women should never have been allowed to vote

Fun fact: Even some women opposed women having the vote because they were actual trad wifes and knew what cancer and degeneracy it would lead to.


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I hope that overtime, more and more men will just flat out refuse to approach women and just do what the japanese men are doing and also buy sex bots. Thats the dream. Surely 20 percent of chads wont be able to cater for these women in that situation and they wont be betabuxxing for them.


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Those foids would have sucked his cock if he were a Chad. It's pointless to talk to women if you're a non-chad. That dude should've booked a ticket to Amsterdam. He would have had better luck fuсking prostitutes than approaching random foids in the middle of the street. Cold approaching died years ago. It's unbelievable that there are men who are still betting on cold approaching. That only works if you're a Chad. Men like us don't get away with that.