it is just an idea but I would like to share with you.

Saint Mentalcel

The Jewpilled-Free Crazy Fool
Hi guys,

I have seee several users getting banned becuase actually they are girls/women.

Why do not create a specific room where they can post threads and ask questions?

Several time I would like to read their stupid opinion or answers.

What do you think?
Actually, I got an idea. How about you fuck off and stop thinking you own the forum, you normie retаrd. If you want a forum designed for NPCs for yourself, then go look for one because you're in the wrong place.


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OK Guys I understood you disagree and I respect this.

I am for democracy and majority wins.

The mine was just an idea because I really would like to see what they reply to my posts. That's it.

Thank you very much for giving me your opinion.