Is there hope


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I’m new to the incel community, and I’m very curious if any of you still believe that you can find a relationship and if so what are your standards for one, or do you believe at this point it’s not worth your time/ and or it’s not worth it in general. Do you still believe there may be some women out there who could meet your standards.


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Listen, I'm going to be honest; I'm a female, just looking to see how you guys think.
Not all women are bad. I know that so many women can be shitty, but not all of them are that way. I'm not going to lead on, no, i have a boyfriend.
However, Im the first person he's ever really been with, at all, because girls usually leave him.
Have some hope and keep your chin up, my friend. There's going to be a girl that'll go steady with you, at some point, I promise.


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I believe there is hope. I am not a virgin, but have not had sex in 11 years. I'm 40. I took psych drugs that destroyed my personality and made me more weird than i was before, and my 'vibe' has turned into something girls can't stomach, can't look at, something monstrous that women run from. I've started testosterone replacement therapy, althought my tesosterone levels are not very low, a doctor has agreed to start me on it based on my symptoms and in hope it will correct the weirdness of my personality, a chad injection. when it works, it supposedly increases your SMV. I haven't been on it for long enough for it to work consistently, but seeing some initial results, I believe it will get me back some of the sexually energy I once had.

I also exercise regularly so am physically attractive, which is not a requisite for getting laid, but may allow you to move from 1-6s to 7-10s.

For anyone who does not have the mental issues that I have, I believe there is hope. If you have a strong sex drive, that is good, that is healthy. If you can mix that in with exercise. with some work and time, a skinny guy can turn his body into a lean and low BMI athletic body - even if you have never touched a football. An overweight guy, can lose weight and add some muscle, slimming his waist, belly, and face. It also centers your sexual energy, the gratifying feeling of masturbation is also personally deflating. exercise changes the sexual energy, it focuses it and broadens it, gives it a base instead of just a fuel for addiction. I post here but feel I will eventually be booted as I am not a virgin. I struggle and can't find a romantic partner, and women run from me, but I have experience with being sexually active and I remember being attractive.


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Personality is a better hope than having a "sexy body". Don't highten your expectations to models and unrealistic women since then you'll be passing up all the women who potentially would want to be with you- just like how most women do with Chads. Be nice, kind, don't make them feel like all they are made for is for our pleasure- because they are human too. One day you'll find someone where looks and sex doesn't matter, that you'll find your best friend and everything else will tie together. Give it time, there is hope. It's just if you can be bothered to make changes, sacrifices and grow to reach that point first
Edit- I have had a brush with romance, but things didn't work out. I still respect her like I did before, and I think that's the key to it. Girls want someone they can rely on and feel safe around. Since then I have unfortunately had no luck with both relationships or sex, been to shy to do anything, but time will tell I suppose.


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I think there is hope. I think the cancer of feminism will die down and we will enter a new age of the future. The 60's and 70's are totally different from the 90's, and the 90's are totally different from the 2000's. So one day we may all look bad on this blip of history as just a really bad nighmare and one of humanity's many mistakes. I think curing AIDS and STDs will rekindle sex positive attitudes instead of atmospheres of distrust and paranoia, and create a more calm, natural, and loving atmosphere. Fixing poverty increasing the wealth of average americans will also help, will reduce the amount of insane women who are hypermasculine and work 3 jobs and looks down on everyone for not being as masculine as them.

I wouldn't recommend testosterone for everyone, chances are it will just make you more sexually frustrated and viewed as socially out of place. I recommended it for that other guy because he was dangerously low and he was getting dementia and health problems.


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My standards have been pretty low really. I think I have given up for the most part though. After the most unattractive guy I've ever met in every regard managed to get a girlfriend, I assume I must be horrendously unattractive - worse than I thought. I'm getting older anyway and just dont even care anymore. I was horribly depressed for a long time but now that I'm older I dont get bullied as much and I only maintain professional relationships so I dont face constant let downs anymore or as often.


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I hate it...while I do believe there is hope, right now the only girls that will talk to me are really really big breasted and they jiggle so much its looks sloppy and ridiculous. I have no idea why this is and while im sure there is someone on this sight who might welcome this attention or think I'm an idiot for not being grateful, but my type if I were allowed to have one is like megan fox, not dolly parton...I don't know how to change this or why it happens. I am a nerd with a pretty big dick that i guess they must see from the bulge in my pants, but no other normal girls seem to like it or notice, just these big titty women


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Personally I have lost hope. Women have treated me like trash and I'm so sick of this cancerous world. I have very low standards and I have been rejected every time.


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I have hope. Although I look really fucked up due to illness, I think someone could like me. My fear is that I wouldn't like them back.


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To be honest, I have mixed feelings. I would like to hope, but sometimes I’m not able to. So many things try to go against me and it discourages me. At the same time, there are things that help me to continue to hope. I just hope that those things never fade, then maybe that hope will blossom.