Is there anything I can do to be more attractive?


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I really want you guys to be honest with me in terms of my looks. I posted the same picture of myself on my previous post and I'm really wondering if my face or body is the biggest thing contributing to me being unable to attract women. Please give me your honest opinions you won't hurt my feelings.



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drasticfy said:
Mogs me.

Idk what's your problem, age aside. Too nice? Or maybe a manlet (<6')? Or you are still approaching 16 y.o. prime girls at 50? It's not like your problem is looks assuming you hit on postwall wymyn so that age wouldn't disqualify you.


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Chin kind of looks weird and jutting out. Glasses dont fit your style. What I recommend is chin surgery, new pair of glasses, and facial treatment to decrease saggy skin. (Not Botox, but something more gentle.)


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You also need to improve your complexion, the person you look vaguely similar to is Bill Nye, so make it look more like him. Right now, your face kind of looks reddish and grayish, as if you are standing upside down, even though you are standing right side up.