is there any one here who feels this way?


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I feel like when my posts are not liked or get traction I am an unworthy being..
This site and recognition from you guys acts as a counter balance for ignoring which depressionbaits give me..
Soyciety says we are living in an echo chamber..but the reality is we are recognizing each other for what we are...which helps our mental being..
I am sure..the incels who live in blue pill soyciety and do not accept the blackpill are more likely to go ER than us..because they are in a living hell..
they do not get any recognition..we atleast get recognition from other incels..but those incels who are bluepilled are in worse situation than us..


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Some of my posts are low effort, jokes, or ѕhit I post when I’m intoxicated so I don’t really care about it that much. I only make a true, serious thread about once a week


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XTamaska said:
Dr.Death.666 said:
I am crossing 2000 points soon..that is a lot of validation for me..I feel good about it..
i just reached 1k, but points should've never been a feature tbh
I'm not that type of person man, and either way, I don't want the feds infront of my door. Let the abusive hot Chads and the rest do the job.
Giga cope.

Edit: your og comment has been edited so this comment makes no sense with the new one