Is the #metoo movement good for incels?


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Here is why I think it is

1. Less men getting sex=more incels and more justified hatred towards women
2. Less nudity on the streets and on T.V means less sexual frustration for incels
Overall= Less sex advertised meaning less people talk about sex and less people having it. People losing their virginity later and more incels created. More justified hatred towards women by men, and less sexual frustration because we don't see that many nude women on the streets or on T.V anymore.


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Most cases of #metoo are against ugly men or men who women regret fucking. Or these women just accuse men because they want revenge for something he did. I think women like being raped by Chad no matter what they say.


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The number of incels is increasing regardless of this. The metoo thing is about prison for sub-Chads who attempt to ascend, I don't think it's good.


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Nothing is good about metoo movement. It's a feminist ploy to give women further unquestionable authority over men and redefine "rape" as natural courtship behavior such as holding hands, eye contact, etc. It is particularly bad for rich hollywood betabuxxes who would've otherwise been incel i.e. Harvey Weinstein.

This video does a great job explaining the topic.