Is Stuttering Incel?


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I was born with a severe speech impediment that pretty much made my life a joke. From day of birth to today. I was the laughing stock of my class and reminded of it on the daily. No one respects me or even looks at me in the face while I speak. I can't make something happen between me and a girl (or anybody for that matter) because I already know the moment I open my mouth I'll get looks of actual disgust, I wish this was hyperbole the looks I get thanks to this shit are looks of pure loathe and horror, as if I just shat on their morning cereal or something. This is not just a "fumble over words" thing but rather long drawn out blocks between words that make me look like a big mumbling clown. Add salt to injury, my face makes these weird involuntary movements as I try to break free of the 'block.'

Talking to girls, meeting new people, job interviews, all of it ten thousands time harder than it needs to be. The whole thing is so nerve wracking I decided to become a hermit and cope as humanly as possible til the day I die. Am I even incel? At this point it just seems like I'm desperate for belonging and I've come to look for it in the anus of the Internet, fucking great I should just kill myself.


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It definitely contributes to my situation along with my other speech impediments such as rhotacism and just general nervousness.