Is fat the number one cause of ugliness?


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I think it is, there is no debate. Fat destroys your brain, aging it faster, and causing it to be more prone to age related diseases. Not to mention what it does to your physical health and sex appeal. I think fat men look retarded. Fat women look butch and nasty. I would never fuck a fat whale even after a 5 year dry spell and she offered herself to me.



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The brain is made of fat, so how does losing weight help?

Yes if you are too fat it will clog the arteries of the brain. But being skinny most likely means less brain fat (and the brain is made out of mostly fat.)

Einstein was not fat but slightly chubby. You can tell he is chubby because his belly seems a bit fat even when laying horizontal to gravity. He also seems to have A cup boobs.

Einstein was not incel because back then there was no 4th wave feminism. But nowadays with 4th wave feminism he might have been an incel. And he might have spent most of his time on an incel forums whining about sexual frustration instead of doing science. So 4th wave feminism rots a society. Although Einstein kind of ruined science in my opinion because now you have to be a giga-math nerd in order to be allowed to do science.


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Well, am not fat at all, and am still ugly as sin. 5:8 130 pounds. Being fat is an obvious way of looking ugly, but you can still be ugly without being fat. Heck, I've been rejected by fat women, and am better looking than them physically, if I was rated fairly. It's just my face that can't be saved.


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They say "fatcel is volcel". So, whether obesity is the main cause of ugliness in men or not, it's not the main cause of inceldom.