Irreversible damage?


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I don't think that there's any chance of recovery after being rejected by women my entire life (24 yrs). Even if hypothetically I was to become attractive to them and even get just the slightest amount of attention from them, the damage has been done and I don't see any chance of my mindset towards women and my hatred for this life changing. Does anyone know anybody at all who was able to break free of being an incel?


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With me it's the ghosting. Women rarely reject me upfront, they act interested in me and give me their number. Then the next day they go cold and lose interest in me, and ghost me. I am just a plaything for them to abuse.

By plaything I don't mean a sextoy, I never make it to home base, I'm still a virgin. What I mean is a mental plaything. They like the idea of being an Indian giver and pretending I can have them, then ghosting me just so they can break my heart, they are evil and cruel. The ghosting has to stop, they are evil dishonorable cowards who never give me any closure, they are just assholes. Sometimes I dream of a world where people like that don't exist and that ghosting is made illegal.