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An incel is someone who in involuntary celibate.

I was investigating this community online just now and it’s pretty interesting.

I don’t feel comfortable identifying myself as one of them because some of them are quite disgusting people.

Some are tolerable.

I don’t think it’s the women’s fault nor do I have any resentment towards women for my involuntary celibacy.

It’s just human nature

If I want to get laid, I am basically at the position in society where I have to change a lot. Like try way harder or something.


It is annoying and I can relate which is weird to say

Because I despise that negativity and what Ellіot Rodgers did was disgusting
And effected me a lot... because well he was my neighbor in Isla Vista back then.
The dude killed people literally outside my apartment.
I was going through similar emotions back then too which is trippy. I was a sophomore at UCSB and I had just gotten arrested a week before for going crazy on drugs, and it may have been related to me not being able to get laid. (Probably tbh)
When i saw Ellіot’s video the logical part of me was like “wow what a horrible thing to do, it’s never okay to murder innocent people”
And there was an emotional part of me, that understands his frustration, although not to take away from the awfulness of the acts he committed.
I don’t consider myself like that socially weird. I would say I’m somewhere in the middle. Idk
But being involuntary celibate has affected my mental health for sure.

I’m sober now for 1 year and 4 months

I used to turn to alcohol and drugs to cope with my frustration.

At times I would get so lonely and depressed and isolated
I would curse the world
And not want to be in it

The reason i was finally able to quit after many failed attempts
Was because I attacked my dad in a drug infused/ psychosis
I think, now in hindsight, that my involuntary celibacy may have played a role in kicking me into psychosis
That, and the drugs, alcohol, stress, debt, etc.

After that, I vowed to be a better son and swore off all drugs and alcohol.
I don’t ever want to hurt anyone ever again.

But I’m far from perfect now.

I still have a lot of work to do on myself

I still am an involuntary celibate
And as I get older, I feel like it only gets weirder to be me
Kinda sucks
But I try to keep a positive attitude about it
In a sense I’ve accepted who I am and my inability to get laid
I guess I’m just not that character to girls
I know that I will get laid because I want kids
But I guess it might just be with my wife

As weird as I am and although I watch porn and masturbate

I do want someone I can just cuddle with
And make a deeper connection
Someone who gets me

And I am a bit old fashioned in saying this, but it would be cool to marry the girl I lose it to and she’d lose it to me too and we’d be together forever and have a bunch of babies
If that seems naive then ah well
It can happen
Society teaches us to have a bunch of sex with multiple partners blah blah blah
But fuck that
Idk dude


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You REALLY sound kinda blue-pilled! Also, I dont know ANYONE over the age of 10 whom can be CLASSIFIED as "innocent"... That word is thrown around a little too easily these days!! In the words of William Munny: "We ALL have it coming kid"...


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It is women's fault, except in the case of obese incels who are very deformed. Most incels DO shower and are not obese, or at least, less obese than women on average.

Also it is also the fault of men, it is mostly men who run this country and create the gynocracy in the first place.