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Hello, I recently embraced the incel identity. I never knew there was a community for people like me who experience difficulty getting women due to my lack of attraction and their shallow nature. It is quite refreshing to know that there are people out there who could serve as a support group.

As an African American male, I grew up in a world full of overly masculine and hyper-sexualized men who not only have no issues seeking women but also are sought after themselves. Many women prefer the "thug" type of Black guy, especially where I am from in what you all would call the ghetto. It's hard for a college educated, nerdy, socially awkward black guy like myself to get women to even notice me on that level. I have had girls laugh to my face when I sought them because I do not fit what they consider attractive.

But I was an optimist back in those days and kept pushing. Now, I feel myself growing bitter as I am friend-zoned and outright rejected by women constantly. Many often just ignore me. The psychological toll all of this has on me is beginning to become a burden as I suffer from depression and crippling fear of further rejection. Moving forward, I hope to conquer this fear and depression so that I can be in a better, happier space psychologically.

Again Hello all, and I hope having this support system can help me achieve my goal.


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But you know that many rappers are not thugs. They play the part and very well. They are artists, college educated, some could be gay or whatever. But they play the part well and do get a lot of females because of their talent, looks and persona they play. Do you rap? LOL J/k

I understand what you're saying. I too grew up in the tough streets of L.A., including the South Central area. It's the area my mother could afford. We all know women do like the bad, criminal minded guys. Some people would argue that that it's a teenage phase in girls. But as they grow up they like men like you. Most here would disagree. But in the end girls are still not liking you or me. So I don't know what it's the answer. Some would say it's our own fault and it's our own minds and behavior or whatever. I don't know, I don't know. I wish I knew.

I feel that the difference with me it's that I never let it get to me. I laugh at it and I'll always been an escortcel. Even if there is some depression there somewhere or fear of rejection. I think I don't care. It's that what they call "coping" I don't know. By the way I'm not AA but of Hispanic background. Not that I pay attention that kind of stuff either.


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it's great that you've got an education and you seem like a smart person. i don't know your age, but if someone is laughing at you bc you tried for a relationship, they don't deserve you at all. there have been so many (guys even) people who seem great but in the end, it was a blessing to get rejected. from what ive learned, anyone who willingly does mean things feels just as negative as themselves. take what i say with a grain of salt though, never had a boyfriend/not old enough to give adult advice.