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Just a post to say hi and give the moderators a chance to get rid of me if I don't fit what this community is looking for...I am now widower (or whatever it is called) and do have 2 kids. However, let me introduce myself first before you pass judgment.

I am short. This is a kiss of death to any guy because women want a guy taller than them and those shorter than my short status seem to be predisposed to wanting REALLY tall guys. Hell, every woman shorter than me always seem to be with much taller than 6 foot guys. Probably has something to genetically do with short women wanting much taller kids.

I didn't have sex until I was 26 and the second time was at 34. The first was with a pretty unattractive woman but, hey, she chose me and she was FUN. Crazy as hell (I mean literally - clinically) and I eventually had to leave her for it but it was kind of fun while it lasted...which wasn't long. At 34 I met someone and had a bit of a relationship but it was obvious she was settling. She became quickly disrespectful. I won't go into it but you could tell she didn't really consider me a 'real man'. I had some self respect so I said adios.

It was 'interesting' how noone socially, family or from work or anything EVER tried to set me up with someone. It happened all the time around me but for me...not once. NOT ONCE! You probably know how disrespectful that is...especially when people ask YOU to set them up with a handsome guy you know. The avoidance, the trying to cut conversations short, not 'lead you on' and being very disrespectful was so damned infuriating.

Finally, at age 36 I volunteered to take a transfer to a large city and decided to really try. Internet dating was starting to become a thing (not like now but it was there) and so I tried.

It took around 2000 attempts at contact before someone would even talk with me. TWO THOUSAND! Think about that...2000 women around my age, single, looking for a relationship and motivated enough to try internet dating before it was even remotely cool to try...before one nibble. That nibble? A disaster...won't get into it.

Undaunted I tried some more. The next 2 thousand had some real...adventures...but a little more action until I met someone who seemed nice. So, it ended happy...I got married , had 2 kids and now, that I am near 70, she passed. I love her dearly and miss her horribly and still have 2 great kids (who coincidentally are considered pretty attractive in that they have no issues in the romance department - How does that happen genetically?)

Getting old, alone and sordid, I thought back over my life. Even after being married, having kids and I in no way wish to disparage my wife who was a wonderful woman, my infuriation and anger still burns somewhat. FOUR THOUSAND-ish single, available women about my age motivated to find a partner and I met 1. That is insane! That is also after I started it at 36! No wonder I had so much problems before that. How many single, available women about your age motivated enough to try online dating are there per million people?? I bet it is far less than 1000 per million. I can understand why people give up all hope. It is just insane.

Thank god I had a good, interesting career. Of that I can't complain though I am sure being short and unattractive hurt me considerably there as well.

Anyway, my story/experience/rant. I hope I haven't caused anyone to lose (more) hope. I wish you all luck if you wish to start in the thousands of ads... ;)


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2000 attempts?

It's over for males. If you are male society wants you to die alone, get zero love, get zero attention, rot like a cabbage and not complain.