Interesting video I found about other causes of incel


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Seems very accurate, at least in MY case... Sometimes there are OTHER factors other then looks, or Combined with them.. give it a watch... and talk opinions below..


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Here is my reason for being incel:
My DNA. I am ugly. Even if I changed certain things, there are some things in my DNA that cannot be changed. I am a 2.5/10 when it comes to looks. looksmaxxing can only help so much. MGTOW seems like a good route for me to go, but it's just one big cope; a bunch of horny, ugly guys denying their basic human desire for intimacy and companionship. I think ugliness is the main reason for inceldom. Height is another main factors as well. I don't think mentalcels are legit. They are just fakecels or incels that are denying that their ugliness is the reason for their celibacy. If a gigachad, chadlite, or high tier normie (less so) was mentally fucked, they'd still get pussy because they are attractive. Obviously they can't be complete retards drooling and shitting themselves, but for the most part if you're good looking, mental illness isn't going to cockblock you. Some bluepilled normies like to say, "oh, ugliness isn't a complete deal breaker. You can still get surgery." But, surgery is expensive and even if you did get surgery there are some things that just can't be changed. You'd just end up fucking yourself up even more and then you'd commit not alive lol


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Seems legit.

1. Raised in a dysfunctional family.
2. Felt like i never fit in and was an outsider.
3. Made some friends, most of my friends are otakus or outsiders as well.

Still doesn't explain why women seem to have zero compassion for people who had rough lives.