insane quora posting


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This jew on quora posted how the holocaust helped make him strong and a spiritually enriched person. Complete fucking insanity.

Then some women chimed in and said they are thankful for all the suffering they have to endure, and wonder whether or not of they are worthy of the suffering life has blessed them with, they meant it in total seriousness and not sarcasm as well.

This is like, the modern mindset in a nutshell. Even worse than numales. Complete batshit insanity. Its the Abrahamic cuck mindset.

I bet they view being an incel is some kind of blessing, and wonder why we are not grateful for it more. These people are completely batshit insane. I bet if they ate shit they'd pray to their Abrahamic gods giving thanks, talking about how it has somehow enriched their lives and made them better people. They are probably thankful for living a life of poverty surrounded by litter.

Fuck this shit, this society is complete and utter garbage. Fuck these feeble minded fuckwards of insanity.