Incels & Penis envy & etc...


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All this %$#@ is because of penis envy. Society is in the motion of expressing oneself rather than taking things in. The penis is an outward projecting object , the vagina being inward.

So, we wait until everyone in the world gets stage 2 meme cancer , then things will look up for us...


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No idea what this means.

All I know is that a certain group of individuals, brain washed me into thinking I needed to have a large penis to get laid. My penis is only slightly bigger than average. And I missed many opportunities for sex as a teenager, because of that toxic brainwashing that my penis wasn't enough. Now, as an adult, I lost my teenage charm and can't find anyone willing.


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You might want to elaborate and/or give references to sources where you read about the whole thing.

These topics are extremely rare in the incelosphere AFAIK, hence few people can discuss it without additional information.