Incels and Volcels….


ALL Incels Unifier
Real volcels really not suffering of lack of natural foid sex are very rare. From only with boys and mens arse fuсking satisfied perverts over asexuals to other psychos. These are the role models, femocrats want to brainwash the far over 90 percent of natural foid sex almost like water needing incels and other normal men.

Not only the blackpilled Incels are Incels. They are - a growing but - still a minority too weak to change the system alone. Also the mass of redpilled Incels AND the Incels who "voluntary" dont take foid sex to avoid to be ruined or even locked up. If only men are drafted for war service, they have also the "choice" to let slaughter themselves or land in a chain gang of a stone knocking boot camp....

Only all incels united - from the blackpilled to the avoiders of ruin and be closed up - have a chance to change the femocratic infected bigot system. Of course the unholy allied bigot rulers and femocratic infectors down to the even in this board tolerated spies, diverters and "male" declared saboteuses tries to separate incels, and lock up the blackpilled, because a few of em get not only self destroying….