"Incel Tear" celebrating the violent beating of a minor.


Well i guess their true colors are showing now aren't they? For a sub on Reddit that accuses incels of being violent, they sure seem to be violent themselves.

They doxxed a minor (Chad1212) from a looks maxing website over a dark joke he posted. He was violently beaten by locals in his town over the post he made. And IT is celebrating his beating. Keep in mind this kid is a minor...

I'm not a christian by any stretch of the imagination...but the bible says that what goes around comes around. And i believe this to be true.

My only advice to IT is as follows: If you're going to celebrate a teenager being violently beaten, then don't cry about "incel violence" next time an incel does something "bad". YOU celebrate violence against MINORS.

Saint Mentalcel

Inspiring the Weak and Defenseless like C-S-H
Anesthetic said:
YOU celebrate violence against MINORS.
Don't forget they had people like DrPizza on their sub, who actually rаped kids irl, but we're supposedly the bad guys jfl
Leftards stick with leftards, reason why NormieTears didn't get removed until recently and was free to come back.

Those fuckers could show themselves as the actual dangerous to soyciety hypocrites they are and they'd still be allowed on there because they protect "wAhMeN" but anyone who doesn't do the same gets swept up outta there. So, they're free to delete and ban free speech of what a different person talks about... But we're the ones who are in the wrong if we don't allow them to spread their soypill ideology on our site? They can go fuck themselves as that's not the way things work. You can't ban differing opinions and then expect the other person you ban from doing so let you spread your different opinion on their own site. Damn, the hypocrisy these weak soys have make you want to beat their face in with force in Minecraft. Can tell these ITphags never got their asses whipped once.