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Hello everyone, I am a researcher at a fairly large public institution in Michigan. My most recent project focuses on the shared beliefs and defining characteristics of Incels. As a part of my research, I have decided to conduct a content analysis on several Incel forums, including this site. In addition, I'm conducting a 30-question survey using Google Forms that I'm asking anyone that's willing to fill it out.

You may be hesitant towards researchers and the like that try to study communities like this one, and I understand those concerns. There's not much I can do to quell those concerns besides give you my word that, within my paper, I will present this community in an as unbiased way as I possibly can.

The link to the survey is below:

If you have any separate questions or concerns, you can reach me at:
[email protected]

Much appreciated, everyone, and have a great night!


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tremor said:
We're so popular these days. Flattering af.

Upd. >What's your gender
>incel survey
Top kek.
They just wanna figure us out so they can cure us.

It's bizarre. Look at the question for nationality. I'm white. I'm not non Hispanic white.


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:D Political questions, skin color and entitlement. Time to prove if were all just white supremacist or supremacists dying from toxic masculinity. :D


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The race thing is really bizzare. A lot of incels are half-breeds but there's no option for it. Yet there is an option for non-hispanic white? Wat?

The gender option is irrelevant...society does not recognize gender, only sex. A trannymaxed incel won't get laid unless born chad anyway. All incels are male and femcels are mostly a myth.