incel heresy


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Neitzche and Tesla were incels, but incel heretics. Tesla was guilty of low treason and Neitzche was guilty of high treason against incels.

Tesla believed he was unworthy of a woman. They didn't have the idiocracy movie back then, so he didn't know the dangers of dumb genes. Him not getting laid set a dangerous precedent, that society would view high iq genes as unimportant, instead praising chav brutality and rap-culture...creating views such as Eggman where he is a cuck who believes his genes are worse than chad chavs.

Tesla was a mentalcel guilty of low treason...the real high treason was Neitzche. In one of Neitzche's books he stated that it was ridiculous to feel you are worthy of love, that men don't deserve love, etc. This caused a slippery slope precedent of intellectuals and feminists reaading Neitzche, then regurgitating him online with the Neitzche mindset of shaming incels for expecting love. Neitzche was a true cel so the treason was deep, he had to pay a hooker to get laid because he was a deepcel. Some of his writings would come to form the toxic mentality of feminism and incel shaming.

Also, there can be no will to power without a will to love...getting rich without getting laid is as cuck as can be.

ER was also a heretic, he wanted a world of only men...I'm the opposite wanting a world of more women than men. Hate when normies say we are all the same as ER, its the bigot mentality.