Incel-games discussion (+my idea for a potential game)


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I'm an app/game-dev hobbyist working mainly on mobile with the Unity engine. I've been thinking about ideas for potential incel-games.

My idea: small-scale, lightweight, arcade-like, dating-RPG
You start off by choosing a premade male character. The characters themselves would simply be proxies for a difficulty level: the tall and handsome Chad is the easy difficulty, while the Indian manlet would the hardest (this would not be directly communicated to the player, however). Each character has a hidden predetermined SMV on which the difficulty will be based upon. There could be 4 to 5 characters spanning from a 2/10 to a 9/10 or so.

The game would take place in a University in USA or some European country. Due to my origins, I personally think a Scandinavian country could be an interesting locale, since I believe the Tinder-effect is very extreme over here and because of how the welfare state and wide-spread feminism distorts the sexual market.

The gameplay would consist of cold-approaching females and trying to seduce them in dialogue-tree based conversations. Tinder could also be included. The ultimate goal is to acquire phone numbers of females. A very low SMV-character would obviously struggle with every female and not even get to initiate a conversation with anyone above 4/10, whereas the Chad would receive smiles from the get-go from anyone. The normie-tier characters will have the highest emphasis on the dialogue options he chooses (30% or so). There could be a margin of 10-15% of random chance in success-rates to keep the game slightly unpredicatble.

Dialogue options could have the following general categories:
1. Low-inhib sexual advance - example: "Hi gorgeus. I'm [name] and I believe I will be banging you later tonight."
2. Bluepilled small-talk - example: "Hello. I noticed you're carrying a mathematics book. Maths was actually my favorite subject in high-school! How do you like maths yourself?"
3. Blackpilled/incel-minded isult - example: "You're better off selling that maths book being the unintelligent cunt you are. Perhaps you could use the money for better make-up and look less like a swamp monster next time I have come across your disgusting face!"
4. Redpilled seduction - example: "That bag looks heavy. Perhaps a girl as pretty as you could use a strong helping hand thoughout the day. What do you say?"

All dialogue options would be available for choosing for all characters. The female's response would be determined based on your SMV and the dialogue option selected (1-4).

The game would only span one day, after which your score will be calculated based on the number of phone numbers acquired and the attractiveness-levels of the females successfully seduced. The player will be prompted to retry the game, either with the same character, or a different one.

My abilities would best allow for pixel graphics. Developing the game on Unity would allow the game to be played on virtually any platform: iOS, Android, Windows and even the web browser.

I believe the game's incel-origins should be concealed, and the game should be presented as just a generic dating-game so that the core idea would slowly be revealed to the player throughout the game.

However, right now I cannot promise to develop such a game, but I am very interested in looking into it sometime next year.

Thoughts on my game concept? Ideas of your own? All discussion related to incel-games, existing or potential, is welcome.


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It would not make sense because an incel would probably be arrested or shot on spot by police if he even said hi to a foid


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It would not make sense because an incel would probably be arrested or shot on spot by police if he even said hi to a foid
Perhaps the game could have differing end-states, with suspension or arrest being one of them. Also, don't forget that playable characters would also include high-SMV men.