In the news: lesbo kills a poor man...and nobody bats an eye!


First of all, i want to make clear that i do NOT support violence, is that clear?

Ok, now i will continue with the topic of the news:

This case apparently happened in Argentina or in other country of south america, what happened is that a lesbo and a bisexual woman ended their relation. Later, the bisexual woman found a man called Emiliano Benitez and they started a relation. Some time later. The lesbo called Melanie Diaz, and that was already tagged of being very violent, being jealous of the man, killed him stabbing him in the chest. Later, the lesbo tried to kill the bisexual girlfriend too, but she escaped so she saved her life. The sister of the bisexual woman started to scream for help, and the lesbo escaped but later was caught by the police. Now the lesbo faces charges for homicide and will spent her life in jail.

Thats a summary of the news, but here is the link in spanish with more details before it gets deleted:

So, that lesbo with anger management problems stabbed a poor man to death and even tried to kill another woman only because she was jealous...and as expected, not a single fucking feminists or a single fucking member of the lgbt has made a public apologize. Typical: the feminists and the lgbt NEVER mention those cases because they do not favor their agendas...


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Yep feminists and lgbt skip things that don't fit their agenda.

If this were the reverse and the man was the one who murdered the bisexual woman, just watch how feminists would start saying how men are "misogynistic" and the lgbt people would start calling him a "homophobe"


And as expected, not a single member of the lgbt or a single feminists has made a public apologize in that country.


How the homosexuals/lesbians/bisexuals/transexuals looks like according to the media:


How the homosexuals/lesbians/bisexuals/transexuals actually looks like:



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