I'm writing a profile on the incel community, as well as the mgtow/blackpill/redpill communities.

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Please read the whole post before making any snap judgments about what I'm trying to do. This is a throwaway account made specifically for this purpose.

I am a college freshman. I'm doing this for a grade. The purpose of this essay is to write a profile on a topic of our choosing. Topics can be pretty much anything, ranging from people, places, professions, subcultures, etc. The only requirement is that it be something the writer is unfamiliar with.

I have chosen to do my profile on incels and similar communities. I realize that not all these communities are related to each other, I am only working under the assumption that there must be SOME overlap between these communities. I'm gonna be making similar posts in other online forums like Reddit and others.

For the purposes of this essay, I am looking for people to interview. I'll talk to pretty much anyone, but I am most interested in self-proclaimed incels, or people who subscribe to the blackpill/redpill ideologies. If you are interested, feel free to comment on this post or pm me.

In the interest of transparency, I will say that I don't understand any of these ideologies, and that I disagree with a lot of common opinions held by people in these communities. That being said, if I'm gonna get a good grade, I need to be as unbiased as possible. I want to get as much honest insight as I possibly can, and I realize that I can't get that without putting my biases aside and giving anyone who talks to me the chance to freely express themselves.

I'm not looking to judge anyone, or try to get anyone to change their mind about anything. All I wanna do is talk and ask some questions.
Not open for further replies.