I'm not afraid of the Coronavirus, and here's my personal reason why


Corona-Chan Cultist
People and normies I meet, including my own family, are puzzled on why I have said over and over again, in comparison to the outside society who overreacts like it's the end of the world, I have expressed ZERO concern or fear of the coronavirus. I've made posts before on FB, Reddit and here that humanity had endured worse, such as the Black Death. But that's the explanation I give to normies. They won't understand the real and personal reason why I'm not afraid of the Coronavirus: only a fellow Incel could understand.

Incels, such as myself, have been dealing with a pandemic much worse and and more virulent than Corona. It is a disease that lurks beneath the shadows, but still, subjects its victims to an eternity of torture day and night. It can be highly fatal and deadly, not by destroying you cell by cell, but by making you yourself destroy yourself. It's not a virus.


Every media company in the world is preaching that Corona is like the end of the world, despite its pathetic 3% fatality rate. With enough medical help you can actually recover and survive the virus. And given how almost all governments in the entire world, including the World Health Organization, are throwing massive amounts of money in research, finding a cure, and providing for your antivirals and ventilator, that makes survival even more likely. Oh, Corona has a death toll of 65,626? Compare that to fucking suіcіde which has a death toll of approx. 800,000 every year. (That’s one person every 40 seconds), most of whom are men. And yet no one in the fucking media, and no fucking normie, ever give attention to this major killer while they all freak out and buy toilet paper en masse. That shows you much about how people don't care if you off yourself.

And of course there are people who will be saying "Let's see if YOU caught the Virus." But still, honestly I. DON'T. CARE. Sure to most normies with a semblance of will to live, dying by pneumonia would be a horrible way to go, but to a depressed blackpilled mentalcel like myself, who have had to live with such a painful And-I-Must-Scream state of existence for YEARS, as if everyday you get up from the bed you're condemned to suffer in endless psychological torment, viral-induced pneumonia seemed to be like a quick death by comparison.


Brazilian sexual marxist.
Depression definitely kills more men every year than coronavirus ever will. No one gives a damn about the problems that mostly inflict. You barely hear awareness about prostate cancer.