I'm forced to be attracted to sl*ts


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Nothing ever turns me on than a virgin femoid ripe for the picking and suppressed her sexual urges for the right man, no matter what he looks like only just to provide for her than a surplused sl*t who got her filthy asshole gaped and pierced at 14.

But holy fuсking ѕhit EVERYONE literally whoredom is in all forms of media, it can be found on the internet, movies, games, I could go on for a long time listing down every possible crack they can be found on tbh. I feel like I'm being brainwashed to be attracted to these sl*ts. Hell, I can assure you that my standards are at the bottom.


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We are forced to be attracted to sl*ts because we have no options. The women of our generation (and a large extent of the past generation) are bonafide sl*ts. Religious foids are usually worse, they are the ones who get ‘their filthy (bleep)holes gaped and pierced at age 15” (and by atheist chads no less lmao). Religion is dumb because religious people are (usually) dumb. Im not talking about young earth creationists, they are geniuses compared to the foids who say buttsex doesnt count as fornication.


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just suppress your attraction towards them, i'm not sure how to do so but in time you wouldn't even bother looking at a foid again. but when i do look at a foid, most of the time when i look at em and just think to myself "wow that's someone that i'll never have," usually it comes with the feeling of numbness though. no pain, just numbed to the feeling.