If you're goodlooking female - you won life


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If you're a goodlooking female - you won life. You can just lie down and get money just from looking good and breathing. The amount of attention and value of female these days are so high that males are willing to pay hundreds of dollars just for ability to talk to you. Even the godlike Chads can't get the amount of attention a goodlooking female recives.


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Not only the good looking females: even the average looking females have everything in easy mode(easy to get a job, easy to get sex, etc.).
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Uglyest foid has life easier then uglyest guy
Average foid has life way easier then average guy and high teir stacy has easier life then even chaddest of chad.

Most Guys are willing to date girls below their looksmatch.

But vast majority of foids want to date guys above their looksmatch and never below