IF this new virus MUTATED, and became a NEW BLACK PLAGUE would you be upset?


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GameDevCel said:
Lordgoro said:
Call me when the virus jumps to at LEAST 20 percent death rate! Until then, its unimportant
spanish flue had 10% death rate, and it was most lethal virus ever
NOPE... Black plague in the dark ages, from all accounts, it was 50 PERCENT mortality rate... Worst one in the history of mankind..THATS what we really need


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I lost my job thanks to this virus and the hysteria around it... I'm used to it i guess.. I try to stay positive, but ѕhit like this makes my depression grow, sometimes i feel like i don't even fuсking exist... Anyone can relate? Like i'm not meant to be a member of society..

I don't take the Corona virus seriously btw.. It can't kill for ѕhit, yea the elderly maybe who where at the end of life anyway.. And sick also.. Imagine being 90, you have cancer and thus a lower resistance, Corona can only take those people out..

I will not even get this virus, because i'm resistant. I haven't had a cold in 2 years either. I am more afraid of the common cold then i am of this stupid Corona. *drops gun on table* Corona, come get me bitch, you ain't got nothing! I will murder you.


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But no I wouldn't. It would suck if I was one of the 50% dying though LOL


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I'm not too keen on the idea of a worldwide deadly pandemic. I have some dreams and plans in my life that I wish to turn into reality.
Dying to some stupid microbe sounds like a complete waste of a life.


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Oh man, that would be the ѕhit to watch a virus go er on the world.

It's already happening. A lot of stores in my area are being cleaned out of food and water. People on a community Facebook page in my city are freaking out and posting pictures of empty shelves of grocery stores that are completely out of stock.

If this turns out to be the next Plague, I will probably just rope if things get too bad anyways though.


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Lets say it developed a 50 percent death rate, would you have ANY regrets or SORROW watching humanity keel over by the billions? Or sit back, laugh, and have a beer watching joyfully, and hoping you were one of the 50 percent immune?
I would be upset if I didn't survive it and fail to witness as most people die off in despair.


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It would be a glorious event, I would crank up the volume on my PC speakers to thoroughly absorb the dying screams of humanity, as I joyfully sit back on my ergonomic chair with a cunning grin and a deep soothing sense of satisfaction.