If this girl sent you a message asking if you wanted to be her bf, would you accept right away?


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I would say she was vulnerable and I would ask her if she wanted to get to know each other? Not that it would ever happen to me.
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That'll depend on Hygiene and sex performance, we all have something that are a must in relationships and those 2 I can't compromise.


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Uncommon said:
NuclearRedfield said:
She's 26, autistic ect. Defineitly sub 3.
In the first image(the one were she wears a red shirt) she looks like a femoid who rejected me many years ago...but she is NOT the same because the one who rejected me is in her 30s already, so she is not the same one...only the looks are similiar...
She is seriously one ugly woman. I can't imagine how brutal it must of been to be rejected by women this ugly. At least i can somewhat get interest and comments sometimes from 2s and 3s. Im thankful for that. But they want me to betabux.
I don't think she's THAT ugly, I mean she could really use a tan because she's just too pale and white to the point when it becomes unattractive but I think she'd be a 6 with a tan. Maybe if she's like 200kg in another photo then yes, she'd be very ugly but as far as I can see she's moderately fit and has a normal face the only drawback is no tan.