Identifying Gynoid Manipulators.


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Identifying the enemy is the first step to relief.

Gynoid manipulators are people's who's sole goal is to keep males down. They can be often difficult to identify because they make manipulative posts.

For instance, they will act like they are trying to empower incels, when they are really trying to keep incels down.

An example post I post here:

I highlight all the stuff that is manipulation.
Luci Skies said:
1. It hurts knowing that there are people who think like this. 2. Kyle isn't one of the scary incels ... 3. he does way more harm to himself than others. 4. He did have one anger outburst in a video which scared me a little but that's it. He did have an anger outburst on one video that startled me.

He would also get upset if other people (most women were posting these types of comments) would tell him that he's super cute and/attractive. 5. I find him really cute it's his mental health that causes women to stay away tho ...I hope he's okay. 6. It's good that he's no longer online tho because his YT comment section was toxic (so many incels agreeing with him and telling him he's fucked.)
1. Virtue signalling, to make you think she is trying to help incels.

2. Further subdividing the incels into two groups, the "scary" incels and the acceptable ones, by subdividing incels into groups she dehumanizes and begins to achieve power. Incels will not want to become part of the outgroup and submit to her demands in order for validation. This is a bit different from Divide and Conquer since she is not trying to start infighting, but trying to consolidate power through an alternative means

3. Setting a moral framework that it is more noble to self-harm than vengeance against the ones who wronged you, enforcing mental subservience and emasculation.

4. Emasculation to further consolidate her power, plus a reinforcement of 2. Dividing the group into the worth and unworthy, creating incentive for obedience. Reinforced by shaming any aggressive tendencies in order to promote emasculation and achieve dominance.

5. Throwing a blue pill, this is the sales pitch that it has all been leading up to. "If you do everything I say then you are cute, if not you will remain incel." Also an attempt at victim blaming and claiming women are innocent and not to blame. Also very ableist and bigotted, but she will conveniently pivot and claim not to be ableist if the finger is pointed. Also victim framing because it offers no explanation why women ignored him messages on tindr...I doubt he sent them mentally lll sounding messages. But women are innocent of course according to her, since authority figures (women) don't have to be good people, setting a tone of male slaves accepting whatever treatment and not allowed to be angry.

6. Reinforcement of 5., wants us to believe that is the incels are crazy and that the world is not rigged against incels, "if only they would submit, women would be nice to them" blue pill enforcement.

it is important to note all of this may have been done subconsciously with no effort, just an inherent default effect to maintain female supremacy and male subjugation.


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Where did you find her? I usually don't find this kind of statements unless I enter on Twitter Spain or Argentina.
Believe me, if you think American feminists are annoying, then Spanish and Argentines will surely drive you mad


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TheUnworthy said:
Where did you find her? I usually don't find this kind of statements unless I enter on Twitter Spain or Argentina.
Believe me, if you think American feminists are annoying, then Spanish and Argentines will surely drive you mad
They lurk incel-related videos in order to post manipulative blue-pilled comments to wage psychic warfare against incels.

Her comment was slightly black pill but with a blue pill motive to oppress incels even more by using black pill (judging his value by looks only) to further oppress incels.


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This is on some next level psychologist shit. I used to be able to think like this before I destroyed my brain with drugs in attempt to escape the pain of existence in this cruel world. Good on you though. High iq is something that incels, if no one else, can appreciate.


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I just skip Gynoid remarks on INCEL youtube and forums. They just make my blood boil. It's become second nature now.

Its the same irrational tripe being played through their trumpets time and time again....

1. That incels only want Stacie's. (which isn't true)
2. That incels should go for ugly or average women (which to foids 'average women' means obese/fat women and they can't accept that most INCEL and non-incel men find that gross and its perfectly normal to find obese people gross). We also see that gynoids and foids want average plain non-fat women to be considered hot, and so putting them akin to Chads in equality.
3. That all incels are anti-social or lack social skills (refusing to accept that unattractive males are ostracised and were never anti-social 99% of the time. Refusing to accept that years of shunning can make a guy be socially wary or 'seem' anti-social, but he isn't anti-social)
4. That women are mean to unattractive men without him ever provoking her.
5. Male inceldom status omits low status even onto other males, this lowers your social market value to the entire community both with men as well as women, this is drastically understated and Normies aren't even aware on how badly they are treating single, incel men. It has a systemic like effect in almost every aspect of your waking life from external relationship to the wider world and familial relationships. This is why I believe the INCEL status is so catastrophic macabre and nihilistic mentally. You don't go around bragging that you don't have a GF but people pick up quickly that your single. It is the inescapable nature of this INCEL status which is the most crushing, you cannot be treated with respect as others are normally in any social situation, this truly has massive psychological effects. The reasons for the mass effects can be shown:
5b. INCEL status has a huge effect on social status with both men and women on dominance hierarchy, both men and women know you are low status by your deficiencies, a girlfriend, money, the way you look, friends social circle, immediately you are treated as low status and mistreated with No HALO effect to rectify it.

I believe the typical INCEL reaction is anthropologically correct; the stress of the external extreme negative environment will invoke the flight (basement dwelling loner types that shut themselves off) or fight (Ellіot Rogers blowing people up or other INCELs going on raping sprees, sometimes suіcіde) response. This is biologically wired into us that a high stress both physical and mental stress invokes these reactions by the body, which also has biochemical implications as well, raised cortisol lowered dopamine all very very negative mentally and physically.

But back to gynoids. They're just trying to remove their own cunty behaviour and responsibility from themselves and blame shift. They don't want to be held responsible of a few psychopath incels who do go on killing spree's somewhere on the other side of the country.

Its cakeism; by putting on this façade that they do care is indeed virtue signalling. They want all the benefits of being seen as a caring, non-discriminating snowflake while secretly being drawn into such discussions due to their decrepit lies.