I was a chad


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I came to this forum after losing yet another womans affection to a married man. But I wasn't always this way, there was a period of time when I was a chad. My life was hell, nobody liked me, I was constantly bullied and every woman I did get and there were many, would within weeks begin to cheat on me with my friends and even brother. I was and am anxious shy paranoid depressed and suicidal, but I was a chad and it wasn't my only solicit, the positive surface attraction woman had to me (which didn't last long after they got to know me and would begin to abuse me with infidelity de to my weak and cowardly mind). I couldn't leave tha abuse and the humiliation I would endure in these relationships, they were painful and humiliatatimg my girlfriends sleeping with me as well as all men within our social circles and any newcomers. It was terrible, and yes I was having sex but it was the sex that made it impossible for me to leave the abuse and pain becAuse I was afraid to meet a new woman and addicted to the sex. I had sex but my value with other men women and society was still not good, nobody liked me nobody respected me and everyone bullied me and also slept with my girlfriends, bonding with them over my weakness. I was however able to attract women everywhere, strangers in the mall the street anywhere; beautiful women would look at me and I enjoyed it. They mostly despised me once getting to known me but I was able to experience easy physical attraction from women. I lost my virginity very late in life. I was an incel in high school and college, but I started to go to the gym on my twenties and I went from being very skinny, covered head to toe in acne, and no girl would ever look at me and feel physical attraction to a man with arms and a chest. I literally remember the 1st time a woman "checked me out". It was maybe 6-7 months after I started working out and I saw her look at my chest while we were talking. I could believe it. I had spent my entire life so skinny my ribs clearly visible my shoulders non existent, wearing clothes to try to hide my weak and disgustingly skinny body, and my chest flat and weak. And to have a woman CHECK OUT MY BODY was an amazing feeling, I couldn't believe it, to have a woman look at my chest the way I would look at hers. There's much more to my story and i have returned to being an incel based on other issues, but that's part of my story.


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Just work on self-improvement buddy and don't define yourself based on what some dumb thots have done to you. It's ultimately meaningless. Change yourself for the sake of goodness and not for anyone else's sake, nor for the sake of conforming to the arbitrary whims of some random monkeys that will probably never amount to anything anyways.