I want a gf NOW


I am who I am and I can be no other
but I can't have one. Not now, not tomorrow, not next year, not next century, not next millennium. If I lived to be 1,000,000 years old and traveled everywhere in the known universe, I'd still be forever alone. NO GF FOR ME REEEEEEEE

Friendly reminder that no matter how good things are for you (job, money, etc) you'll still prob be incel. No way out for the truly ugly.


EteRnal Evil.
What will you do with her though? We are not teens and, maybe except for NEETcels, hardly have free time for that. At least this is how things are for me and a lot of other incels from what I've seen.

Take the agepill.


Incels.Net Master
Highly doubt if you were 1 million years old and travelled to other civilizations youd still be incel. I think incel is just a temporary condition in our civilization, one of the multitudes of backwards things about humans. But humans grow and evolve. 400 years ago you werent even allowed to criticize catholics. Fake news is like the current catholics, the oppressive priests of society.

100 years from now, humankind will look on females of 100 years ago as oppressive, tyrannical brutes who created toxic masculinity in the first place.


All of us want but we didn't win the genitc lottery so you need to cope with it bro