I tried posting my picture on a certain forum for getting compliments, and....


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Predictable outcome. I did get 32 likes which is more than some people, but the comments mostly mentioned my eyes (generic normie compliment when you can't find something else to compliment), saying I had kind eyes whatever the fuck that means. Two people said I looked smart, which I don't think is much of a compliment. And then the comment that really slapped me in the face was the person who complimented the coat hanger in the background of my picture.

Wouldn't be too bad except other guys who posted on there, including a bald white guy, got thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, along with other guys who have posted on there. Some of these guys get called handsome or even hot (including the bald guy) but all I get is I have "kind eyes." So that tells me what to fix when I get surgery.


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Yep definitely incel, if coat-hanger tier.

The eyes comment is vague and depends on context. If you dont get messages of girls wanting to visit you, definitely incel-tier.


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Kind eyes means non threatening, which means you dont have positive canthal tilt or hunter eyes (Low brow ridge and low eyelid exposure)

Smart is normie go to compliment when they can't think of anything good about you physically, it's basically an insult, they think because you are ugly you must be smart.

Basically it's over, unless you have BBC then you are fakecel and should kill yourself